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10/18/2018 – Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Play boulders and logs for the new splash park Membrane cassette testing using potable water

With most of the work on the exterior of the Clean Water Facility complete, crews are moving inside to start testing the facility’s new state-of-the-art equipment. Equipment throughout the plant is tested first with clean, also called potable, water. The membrane cassettes that will help remove microscopic solids from the flow coming into the facility are currently being tested.

Continuing work on splash park

Crews are continuing to work on the splash park, including work on the boulders and the area that will become the river feature. Want to know what they will look like? Check out the photo below of the future play rocks and logs that will serve as key features of the splash park.

Fun fact of the week

Potable water, like the water we use during testing, is water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation. The word potable comes from the Latin word potare, meaning to drink. Here’s a tip to help during your travels, the word potable is the same in French. You’ll always know how to ask if water is safe to drink while you’re in Paris!

Anticipated work October 18 – October 24:

Clean Water Facility work

  • Grading at the site of the former Whidbey Island Bank building.
  • Electrical wiring continues in solids building.
  • City operators are testing equipment around the facility.
  • Start-up activities and commissioning continue across the facility.
  • Work will occur on Saturday, October 20, during normal working hours.

Windjammer Park Improvement work

  • Construction of the west kitchen continues.
  • Irrigation pipe installation continues throughout the park.
  • Work on the splash park continues.
  • Work on curbs and sidewalks continues.
  • Paving finishes on the west parking area and basketball/pickleball courts.

Work on the facility is generally contained to the fence work area, with deliveries to and from the site. Throughout construction, you can expect:

  • Heavy equipment, noise, activity, and truck traffic around the project site
  • Equipment and materials staging
  • Increased noise and vibration during demolition activities, stone column installation, concrete pours, and excavation
  • Work hours typically 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. on weekdays
  • If weekend work is necessary, the community will be informed via weekly construction update emails – join the list at
  • Advance notice of construction activities via email, web bulletins, and project fliers
  • One-on-one problem solving with residents, park users, and community members directly impacted by construction activities

For park and parking access, you can expect:

  • Restricted surface lot parking; look for signs and markings
  • Staysail RV park is closed; for more information visit the City’s website or call the Parks and Recreation Department (360-279-4756)

For more information and what to expect during construction: