Clean Water
Facility Project

Project Background

A robust decision-making process was used to select the best wastewater facility site and technology. The factors considered included:


  • Reliable performance
  • Ease of construction, including avoiding steeply sloped sites
  • Overall system efficiency


  • Low initial capital cost
  • Low lifecycle/long-term cost
  • Supports future economic development


  • Protects health and safety
  • Preserves public amenities, such as Windjammer Park
  • Minimizes carbon footprint

Site Selection

The City evaluated more than 25 locations for the new facility over three years, with many public meetings and design workshops. Wondering how we got here? See our project library.

Existing Facilities

The new Clean Water Facility replaces two wastewater treatment facilities. The Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) Facility was demolished to make room for the new facility. The Lagoon Facility currently treats 100% of the City’s wastewater.

Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) Facility

  • Aging, difficult to maintain
  • Would not meet future water quality standards
  • Supported Lagoon Facility (below)
  • Located next to Windjammer Park

Lagoon Facility

  • Located on Seaplane Base
  • Aging and nearing capacity
  • Will not meet future water quality standards
  • Located near wetlands, which limits expansions