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04/11/2019 - Biosolid dryer is up and running

Setting up the biosolids dryer in the solids building

Setting up the biosolids dryer in the solids building

Biosolids produced by the Clean Water Facility

Biosolids produced by the Clean Water Facility

The biosolid dryer in the Clean Water Facility is operational and going through testing! By creating biosolids, we are providing a higher level of treatment and reducing the volume of material removed from the facility and placed in a landfill. The biosolids product is a nutrient rich reusable resource, full of nitrogen and just the right amount of phosphorus. We’ll be trucking this product off site to enrich soil and help plant growth at golf courses, farms, community gardens, and more!

The new splash park is coming! What should we name it?

Oak Harbor area students, we need your help. Our new splash park is opening this summer and needs a name. For official entry rules and to submit your idea, visit Entries are due by May 2.

Fun fact of the week

Did you know that in Washington State there are nearly 40,000 farms growing approximately 300 specialty crops? Washington’s rich soils, diverse climates, and large-scale irrigation make it one of the most productive growing regions in the world. Among our state’s top crops are apples, grapes, cherries, pears, red raspberries, and hops. Keep an eye out for these local crops this summer!

Anticipated work April 11 – April 25:

Clean Water Facility work

  • Operators continue to monitor flows from the city.

Windjammer Park Improvement work

  • Construction of the pavilion continues.
  • Construction of the west kitchen continues.
  • Construction of the east kitchen continues.
  • Construction of the splash park continues.
  • Construction of the public plaza continues.
  • Work on curbs and sidewalks continues.
  • Electrical work throughout the park continues.
  • Planting continues.
  • Work will occur on Saturday, April 13 and Saturday, April 20 during normal working hours.

Work on the facility is generally contained to the fence work area, with deliveries to and from the site. Throughout construction, you can expect:

  • Heavy equipment, noise, activity, and truck traffic around the project site
  • Equipment and materials staging
  • Increased noise and vibration during demolition activities, stone column installation, concrete pours, and excavation
  • Work hours typically 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. on weekdays
  • If weekend work is necessary, the community will be informed via weekly construction update emails – join the list at
  • Advance notice of construction activities via email, web bulletins, and project fliers
  • One-on-one problem solving with residents, park users, and community members directly impacted by construction activities

For park and parking access, you can expect:

  • Restricted surface lot parking; look for signs and markings
  • Staysail RV park is closed; for more information visit the City’s website or call the Parks and Recreation Department (360-279-4756)

For more information and what to expect during construction: