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12/13/2018 - The celebration continues!

Touring the secondary treatment building and Birds-eye view of Windjammer Park and the Clean Water Facility

The new facility has been fully operational for two weeks with treated effluent going out to the bay, and our systems continue to run smoothly. One of our favorite parts of the ribbon cutting celebration was sharing the facility with our project partners. Project staff took visitors on tours to share the inside of the new facility.

A bird’s-eye view

From the ground you can tell there’s a lot of work going on in Windjammer Park, but from the sky it’s even clearer. New pathways and parking areas are being built and the splash park, kitchens, and pavilion are continuing to come together. Take a look below for a bird’s-eye view of the park improvements taking shape.

Bailey’s Playground update

The Oak Harbor community in partnership with the city is gearing up to upgrade Bailey’s Playground, located adjacent to Windjammer Park. Over the years the ocean salt spray has aged the playground structures and now they are in need of repair and replacement. To learn more about this effort and support the rebuilding of the park please visit the Bailey’s Playground webpage. To learn more about volunteer opportunities contact the Bailey’s Playground fundraising chairperson, Ellen White, at 360-279-0615 or

Holiday break

Weekly construction updates will be taking a short break over the next several weeks during the holidays. Updates will return in the new year to share the latest and greatest on work happening in Windjammer Park!

Fun fact of the week

2019 is going to be an exciting year for Oak Harbor and we’re looking forward to ringing in the new year on December 31st. The earliest known new year celebrations were in Mesopotamia and date back to 2000 BC, but New Year’s Day was not always on January 1st. The early Romans recognized March 1st as New Year’s Day, while others used the autumn equinox (late September) or the winter solstice (late December) to mark the new year.

Anticipated work December 13 - January 3:

Clean Water Facility work

  • Operators are monitoring flows from the city 24/7.
  • Final work on the secondary treatment, headworks, and biosolids buildings continues.

Windjammer Park Improvement work

  • Irrigation pipe installation continues throughout the park.
  • Construction of the pavilion continues.
  • Construction of the west kitchen continues.
  • Work on curbs and sidewalks continues.
  • Planting continues.

No construction will occur Tuesday, December 25 or Monday, December 31 through Tuesday, January 1, in observance of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The facility is operational and will be running during this time.

Work on the facility is generally contained to the fence work area, with deliveries to and from the site. Throughout construction, you can expect:

  • Heavy equipment, noise, activity, and truck traffic around the project site
  • Equipment and materials staging
  • Increased noise and vibration during demolition activities, stone column installation, concrete pours, and excavation
  • Work hours typically 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. on weekdays
  • If weekend work is necessary, the community will be informed via weekly construction update emails – join the list at
  • Advance notice of construction activities via email, web bulletins, and project fliers
  • One-on-one problem solving with residents, park users, and community members directly impacted by construction activities

For park and parking access, you can expect:

  • Restricted surface lot parking; look for signs and markings
  • Staysail RV park is closed; for more information visit the City’s website or call the Parks and Recreation Department (360-279-4756)

For more information and what to expect during construction: