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05/17/2018 - Major milestone for the solids building

Fencing in place along the waterfront trail.

This week we started installing the biosolids drier machine. The biosolids drier machine is the main piece of equipment in the solids building (#5 in the diagram below). After being separated from liquid wastewater, microscopic solids will be sent to the biosolids drier where hot air will be used to dry the solid waste as it travels across a wide conveyor belt. The dry solids are great fertilizers and will be trucked off site to use on golf courses, farms, community gardens, and more.

New! Waterfront Trail signage

Fences are now in place and large portions of Windjammer Park are closed for construction of new park amenities. The Waterfront Trail, Lagoon, and ballfields will remain open during this time, although we expect the trail will move as construction advances. To help you navigate the Waterfront Trail we are posting signs to mark the trail as it shifts. For more information on the park closure or improvements, please visit the park page.

Fun fact of the week

Conveyor belts have been used since the 19th century. Thomas Robins, an inventor who worked with Thomas Edison, began work on the conveyor belt in 1891. The original use for the conveyor belt was for carrying coal and other mineral resources and products. In 1900, the conveyor belt received the grand prize at the world’s fair in Paris!

Anticipated work May 18 – May 24:

  • Work on electrical wiring continues at the headworks and secondary treatment buildings (#1 and 3).
  • Work to install window frames and glass continues in the headworks, aeration basin area, solids, electrical, and administration buildings (#1, 2, 5, 9 and 11).
  • Flooring installation continues in the administration building (#11).
  • Pipe installation continues at the secondary treatment building (#3).
  • Work will occur on Saturday, May 19, during normal working hours.

Work on the facility is generally contained to the fence work area, with deliveries to and from the site. Throughout construction, you can expect:

  • Heavy equipment, noise, activity, and truck traffic around the project site
  • Equipment and materials staging
  • Increased noise and vibration during demolition activities, stone column installation, concrete pours, and excavation
  • Work hours typically 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. on weekdays
  • If weekend work is necessary, the community will be informed via weekly construction update emails – join the list at
  • Advance notice of construction activities via email, web bulletins, and project fliers
  • One-on-one problem solving with residents, park users, and community members directly impacted by construction activities

For park and parking access, you can expect:

  • Restricted surface lot parking; look for signs and markings
  • Staysail RV park is closed; for more information visit the City’s website or call the Parks and Recreation Department (360-279-4756)

For more information, please: