The City of Oak Harbor must modernize its existing wastewater system to improve aging infrastructure, serve its community, and better protect Puget Sound – specifically the waters of Oak and Crescent Harbors. The City’s current wastewater treatment system, which consists of two facilities, is aging, difficult to maintain, nearing capacity, and not equipped to meet future water quality standards.

The City is building a new wastewater treatment facility that will:

  • Deliver long-term reliable service to the communities we serve in Oak Harbor,
  • Reclaim valuable resources from wastewater, and
  • Serve as an important element for other projects that will help to revive the downtown waterfront in Oak Harbor.
Recapping the site: Windjammer Vicinity

Starting in late 2010, the City evaluated more than 25 alternative locations for the new facility over a three-year process with numerous public gatherings and design workshops. City Council selected the Windjammer Vicinity in 2012 after considering community impacts and input, cost, and environmental benefits. The Windjammer Vicinity is at the end point in the City’s existing sewage collection system, which takes advantage of gravity. All of the City’s wastewater currently flows to this location. Building close to the current facility offers the opportunity to use existing pipes, minimizing the cost of moving wastewater elsewhere. Wondering how we got here? See our project library.

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